Train users. Grow your solution. Expect returns.

Michael PollanFood activist and author, Michael Pollan, has been on a quest to share his thoughts on how we can make thoughtful food choices that will enrich our lives, encourage good health, and allow us to take pleasure in eating. In his book – “In Defense of Food” – Pollan narrows down his philosophy on what we should be eating into seven simple words:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

With gratitude to Mr. Pollan, I’d like to borrow his seven word approach to narrow down our philosophy on one of the most effective ways to leverage an effective document and data management solution – user training. Our seven word training philosophy here at MTS is:

“Train users. Grow your solution. Expect returns.”

Train Users. Grow your Solution. Expect Returns.

Training Increases ROI

Investing in and participating in training is like feeding whole foods to your technology implementation. It enriches your organization’s ability to take advantage of product features and functionality, encourages a healthy and robust system, and allows your users to take pleasure in streamlining and automating business process.

According to Hyland, creator of OnBase, “An ECM vendor that offers a strong training program gives your organization the best chance at user adoption of the solution. A wide range of training options gives customers the opportunity to understand how the ECM product can help make a real impact on their day-to-day work, increasing the use of the solution across the organization.”

Some of the ways that investing in training increases your return on the investment made in the solutions are:

  • Increased User Adoption
  • Better leverage existing features and functionality
  • More easily identify opportunities to improve the system as well as to match the technology with process pain points across your organization
  • Less time spent requesting support for simple tasks
  • Build in best practices to better scale the solution

Below are some ways to pursue additional training.

 Three Opportunities for Additional Training with MTS Software Solutions


Every year, we gather with our customers, partners, and fellow industry experts to build relationships and a greater understanding of how our products and services can simplify, streamline, and accelerate your business processes. The purpose of the event is to provide the education, inspiration, and motivation to improve processes at your organization.

CAPTIVATE offers engaging and captivating content including Expert-led Sessions, Customer Case Studies, Product Demos, and Solution Stations where visitors can interact with product representatives. The event caters to both business and technical audiences. The Business Sessions explore industry trends and provide overviews on solution best practices. The Technical Sessions dive deeper into the configurations and support of those solutions.

Check out the highlights from our last CAPTIVATE event:

2. OnBase CommunityLIVE

More than just an OnBase user conference, CommunityLIVE is the one place to go to learn how every department in your organization can work better, smarter and faster.

CommunityLIVE Registration

CommunityLIVE will bring together the OnBase Community – 1,500+ OnBase end users, developers, executives and experts from industries all around the world.

  • Network with peers in similar industries and departments
  • Learn how other OnBase customers optimize their business processes
  • Get hands-on experience with the latest OnBase innovations
  • Connect with OnBase executives, experts and developers
  • Attend targeted sessions and training classes for all levels of OnBase knowledge

Need some more reasons why you should attend CommunityLIVE? Check out the following video:

Register now for CommunityLIVE!

3. Instructor-led Training Sessions

With all of the ways that technology allows us to connect virtually, face-to-face, in-person engagement in a classroom with hands on training and instructor interaction is tough to beat.

We offer various classroom training options to meet the needs of your users. We can deliver training at your location, our location or the location of your choice.

Registration is currently open for an advanced course on Workflow Design in OnBase …delivered by a Hyland Software instructor. The course will take students through the workflow design methodology, which includes the assessing of an existing system as well as discovering, planning, and implementing a new solution.

More information about the OnBase Workflow Design course here.

4. Online Training Opportunities

In addition to instructor-led training, there are many online training options to learn more about the products that we support. Whether through webinars or training videos, you can sharpen your solution skills – when and where works best for you.

Hyland offers a dedicated website with a library of courses designed to “guide our users to do amazing things with their OnBase Solution”: They also offer a Premium Subscription with exclusive training content for customers to make the most of their OnBase implementation.

For more information about any of the training options above, reach out to your Solutions Consultant or contact us via our website. After all, user training is like food for the soul of your solution.

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