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Prelude to the First Day of Pre-schoolOn my way to the office this morning, I had the opportunity to stop by my first-born’s Pre-school Open House. While his first day of pre-school is actually next week, today could be considered the prelude to the first of many “first days of school” to come.

The early days of September are a special time of year not only for parents of school-age children – a cohort of which I can now consider myself a member – but also for students of all ages and types, teachers, and even technologists! By the end of this week, most students across the country will be back in the classroom; and many OnBase administrators, super-users, and business executives will be packing their bags to participate in the early training sessions of CommunityLIVE.

CommunityLIVE is an annual OnBase user conference where, in addition to the traditional hands-on training and technology classes, IT and business managers can participate in strategy and business process planning sessions, network with other industry professionals, hear about customer success stories, and much more. While CommunityLIVE is the premier opportunity to experience the full benefits of being a part of the OnBase Community, it is understandable that not everyone can head out of the office, hop on a plane, and spend a few days in Vegas. If that’s the case for you and your organization, don’t worry! What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. You can register now for the “Best of CommunityLIVE” webinar series. We can also bring the training to you!

Head Back to School with MTS Software Solutions

Back to School with MTS Software SolutionsInvesting in enterprise content management (ECM) or business process automation (BPA) technology to simplify, streamline, and accelerate business processes is an excellent way to reduce cost, maximize productivity, and scale operations at your organization. In order to ensure that the technology is going to be appropriately adopted by your team and effectively leveraged in both the short-term and the long-term, it’s important to make sure your administrators and end-users know how to use the system. For this reason, MTS Software Solutions includes administrator and end-user training as part of our on-boarding services for new customers.

Additionally, our Professional Services team offers administrator and end-user training at any point of your solution life-cycle for any of the technologies that we support…whether your organization is an existing customer of ours or not. We can host or bring our training services to your offices, in your environment, and on your terms to make sure your team is well-equipped to deliver the value and ROI of a well-designed solution.

OnBase Premium Training

OnDemandTrainingNowIf you’d prefer to train on your own terms – at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you want – OnBase online training is a great option. Premium Subscription is a service that will keep you at the cutting edge of OnBase Professional Development by providing you and your organization with hours of on-demand training for one price. Premium Subscription provides entire organizations access to OnBase training. The courses available are exclusive to Premium Subscription, and cannot be found anywhere else online. Each subscription will enable your organization to access the courses in the Premium Subscription Gallery 24/7. And best of all, the list of courses is constantly growing. OnBase Professional Development has never been so easy to find.

Features include:

  • Premium Course Gallery provides OnBase professional development courses from OnBase experts that previously were only available at conferences as well as courses designed specifically for Premium.
  • Learning interactions compliment Premium Subscription courses providing students with the ability to demonstrate their knowledge and prepare for the final assessment.
  • Assessments test understanding of the course objectives and successfully completed courses become a part of your Training Transcript available for review and printing at
  • Course resources provide instant access to presentations, lab files and white papers relevant to the course topic.

OnBase Certifications

OnBase Certification RibbonWhile MTS Software Solutions boasts a number of OnBase-certified personnel, we encourage all of our customers to pursue OnBase certifications for their personnel as well. The OnBase Certification program recognizes IT professionals who successfully demonstrate their OnBase technical knowledge and practical experience by designing, implementing, administering, and enhancing OnBase solutions. Requirements differ, but most certifications require you to complete challenging coursework, pass rigorous written and practical assessments, and analyze a new or existing OnBase solution in order to be designated a certified OnBase professional.

Customer certifications include:

  • System Administrator
  • Advanced System Administrator
  • Workflow Administrator
  • Advanced Workflow Administrator
  • WorkView
  • API

Organizations with OnBase-certified professionals are often able to get much more value out of their solution by being able to identify additional possibilities to leverage the technology and configure the solution to make the possibilities a reality. Further, those professionals take a deeper level of ownership of the product which also results in more value for the organization.

Learn More about Learning More

Whether you’re new to the technology or a Workview veteran, anyone can benefit from Professional Development. At MTS Software Solutions, we are continually seeking ways to broaden our expertise and deepen our understanding of the products we sell. We encourage you to get in the spirit of the back-to-school spirit.

Contact us or reach out to your Account Executive to learn more about learning more.

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