Rules change. Standards evolve.

MTS History Presentation

MTS CEO, Gary Schwartz, presents some of the milestones of the company’s history.

Earlier this year, we held our Annual All Company Day here at our MTS HQ in Moorestown, NJ. Our All Company Day is an opportunity to invite all members of our team to come together, acknowledge our accomplishments, and re-calibrate our focus. At the 2015 MTS All Company Day, we refreshed some of the core cultural components of our company – mission statement, vision statement, and guiding principles. The itinerary also consists of fun, food, fellowship, and, or course…presentations! No meeting is complete without PowerPoint, right?

Standards, not Rules.

We believe it’s important to refine and articulate what these core cultural components represent. It’s also important to note that they are not rules by which we all expected to follow. Rules are made to be broken. Instead, we set standards. Standards are meant to be upheld. Our mission, vision and guiding principles are standards by which each department and each individual can align. They set a common understanding and expectation of how we treat and serve one another and, more importantly, our customers.

Gary Humble Beginnings

Gary Growing the Business from Humble Beginnings

MTS is still evolving.

Our first presentation, given by our CEO, Gary Schwartz, of the day provided perspective on the history of MTS, from a Canon dealership focused exclusively on hardware in the Philadelphia region, to the company we are today offering software, hardware and conversion services to customers with operations all over the globe. In 2006, we partnered with OnBase by Hyland and in 6 short years grew to become recognized as OnBase 2015 Gold & Diamond Support partners. We continue to add best-of-breed technologies, such as Ephesoft’s intelligent data capture platform, to our offerings in order to provide the best value to our customers and prospects. We’ve recently added a number of new key personnel to continue to meet our demand and improve the level of service that our customers have come to expect. It is crucial that as our offerings and expertise evolve in accordance with our customers’ changing needs and the technology required to meet those needs, so too does our company and our company culture. We try to reflect that in our core values and guiding principles.

Setting the P.A.C.E. of Productivity

MTS Core Values

Our mission is to provide technology and services that simplify, streamline and accelerate document and data-driven processes. The outcome that our customers can expect from this mission is a new pace by which they can conduct their business. It’s no coincidence that PACE is an acronym for our core values. They are as follows:

  • Professionalism: Proficiency & Preparedness
  • Agility: Flexibility & Innovation
  • Collaboration: Communication & Partnership
  • Endurance: Persistence & Sustainability

These are the standards by which we hold our colleagues accountable. We hope you’ll let us know if you receive anything less than the standards above when doing business with MTS Software Solutions.

Process – No Change, No Improvement

Like our company, your company has probably changed considerably over the last several years or even months. These changes might be because of new personnel, compliance requirements, changing customer expectations, or newer technology. It’s important to evaluate whether your business processes, especially those document and data-driven ones, have changed in accordance with the aforementioned market forces. If they haven’t, MTS Software Solutions can help. We know change can be challenging, but we also know that progress (and process improvement) is impossible without change.

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