Integrating OnBase and Salesforce – A Match Made in Heaven

Integrating Salesforce + OnBase

Romanticizing Romance

Valentine’s Day can and should be more than just a time of year to buy a card and maybe some flowers or chocolates for that special someone in your life. Instead, it’s an opportunity to romanticize about romance…to ponder the pairs and partnerships that exemplify happy and healthy relationships.

For me, some examples of symbiotic relationships that immediately come to mind include…peanut butter & jelly, smart phones & social media, and, of course, & OnBase.

21st-Century Relationships

Aziz Ansari, the actor and comedian widely known for his roles on Parks and Recreation and new Netflix series Master of None, recently wrote a book titled, Modern Romance.

In the book, Ansari showcases his comedic insights on the complicated culture of finding romance in the 21st century. He argues that factors such as urbanization, globalization, social media, and more have changed the way we identify our mates.

Here’s a clip from one of Aziz Ansari’s stand-up routines where he talks about Texting with Girls. Disclaimer: Some language is NSFW…

In Modern Romance, Ansari teams up with Eric Klinenberg, a sociology  professor at New York University, to combine his humorous outlooks on modern romance with the rigors of academic research. The result is a funny book that sheds light on how courting and relationships have changed in the Information Age.

A Match Made in Heaven

If you are lucky enough to find a valentine this year, it can be difficult to determine if the match is the “one”. How can you tell if your relationship will stand the tests of time, tribulations and technology?Cupid Match Maker

Some questions to consider to determine if yours is a match made in heaven…

  • Does your significant other complement your strengths?
  • Does your significant other overlook your shortcomings?
  • Does your significant other overly dependent or can he/she stand alone when necessary?

One pair that that meets the criteria of a solid relationship in the Information Age is & OnBase by Hyland.

Below are some reasons why OnBase and Salesforce integration is a match made in heaven for the Information Age.

  • Salesforce handles data-centric workflows very well. OnBase handles document-centric workflows really well.
    • These two strengths complement each other very well. By integrating documents and document-centric workflows handled in OnBase with data, productivity and efficiency is maximized across both systems, and users have a more well-rounded perspective of their accounts, contacts, cases, leads, etc.
  • is not a content management tool. OnBase is.
    • As users, we understand the shortcomings of managing documents and customer content in Salesforce. does offer various ways to upload content including Files, Libraries, Content, Attachments, etc.; however, these tools function in very disparate ways. It’s not likely that you would attach all of an employee’s human resources records to their User record in Salesforce.
    • As an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool, OnBase handles this content with ease. Integrating OnBase with makes use of the best of both platforms.
  • & OnBase both stand alone as exceptional platforms to automate business processes.
    • While and OnBase can both operate independently and quite effectively on their own, it’s a match made in heaven when you combine their functionality.

MTS Software Solutions has developed an OnBase and Salesforce integration to facilitate this match made in heaven. Our Integration Gateway is a web service that leverages the OnBase Unity API to facilitate two-way document and data integrations between OnBase and third-party applications, such as

OnBase Salesforce Integration Brochure

Download our OnBase/Salesforce integration brochure.

If you’re interested in adding content functionality to your implementation or would like to bridge the gap between your CRM and your ECM, we can help.

Contact us to request a demo.

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