Happy “Clean Your Virtual Desktop” Day!

What you have on your desktop or home screen can say a lot about your personality.

How do I know this is true? Because Gary Vaynerchuk says it with such conviction…

And, like MTS Software Solutions, Gary Vaynerchuk built his business in New Jersey, so we respect him for that. But, we also think he makes a good point.

It is with this point in mind that I want to wish you a “Happy Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day”! Created by the The Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario and celebrated on the third Monday of October, “Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” is a day to tidy up your PC’s desktop and dashboards to remove unnecessary items and optimize your interface. With our personal and professional lives inextricably intertwined with the digital applications with which we interact on a daily basis, it stands to reason that how we organize and access these applications and the information they contain would say a lot about what’s important to us and therefore who we are. It also stands to reason that how we organize what’s most important to us to be most effective in our work should be well-organized, personalized, and customizable. Fortunately, for OnBase customers who own the Unity Client, it is!

What is the OnBase Unity Client?

OnBase by HylandThe Unity Client (15) is the next generation OnBase desktop application, offering the familiar look-and-feel of Microsoft Office products. With intuitive ribbon-style toolbars and tabs and easy access to features, users can easily navigate and perform their primary job tasks with little-to-no training. The application works the way organizations require – from platform to functionality – with hosted, on-premise and offline solutions and also in a way that users have come to expect – in a familiar Windows-based, Office-like interface. The Unity Client provides OnBase functionality including Document Retrieval, Custom Queries, Folders and Workflow through ribbon toolbars, tabs, favorites, home and personal pages — enhanced with rich sorting/grouping/filtering capabilities. And, on “Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day”, the personalized, task-centric end-user interface with integrated Workflow functionality deserves the spotlight!

Unity Client Key Enhancements in OnBase 13

In OnBase 13, Hyland made several key enhancements to the Personal Page feature of the Unity Client, enabling further customizations to the tiled dashboard.Unity Client - Personal Page Enhancements

These enhancements included:

  • Rename, Recolor and Configure tiles…including a custom tile description
  • ‘Custom Query’ tiles can have persistent search criteria with links to documents
  • Refresh and Configure contents of Custom Query result list tiles
  • Set a predefined Document Type on ‘Upload’ tiles
  • Adding a ‘Form’ tile to the Personal Page can be done from the Form name
  • Adding a Custom Query tile to the Personal Page is done from the Query name or Result List

OnBase continues to make enhancements to the Unity Client to make it more efficient and effective for customers. For more information about OnBase 15 updates and other product updates, check out the Best of CommunityLIVE webinar series.

Go Ahead, Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Desktop

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and reminder that today is that one day of the year (or, if you’re like me, just one of many days of the year) to pause and take a moment to reflect on whether all of the desktop icons, shortcuts, folders, app icons, dashboards, widgets, links, favorites, etc. are best serving your productivity and peace of mind.

Today also happens to be “Evaluate Your Life Day“. Coincidence?

I don’t think so.

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