Moving offices? Move People, not paper!

Woman in Empty OfficeHere in the South Jersey/Greater Philadelphia area, there has been a lot press coverage highlighting the state’s incentives to lure businesses to Camden, New Jersey. Camden, located directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, is more often associated with poverty, unemployment, violent crime, and distressed properties…rather than an attractive place to relocate a business.

The NJ state government is looking to change that image by designating Camden as a Garden State Growth Zone (GSGZ) and combining a number of financial incentive programs to get business to the make the move. Since 2013, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) has approved over $1 billion in tax breaks to companies who are willing to move operations (and jobs) to Camden.Camden_iStock_000014837952_Full

Making the Office Move

This Philadelphia Business Journal article provides a list of some of the companies that have been offered the funds.

That list includes some big names such as:

  • the Philadelphia 76ers,
  • Holtec International,
  • Lockheed Martin, and
  • Subaru.

Change Brings Opportunity

Moving offices can present major opportunities…not only for the City of Camden, but also for those companies making the move. These companies will likely benefit from recently renovated, if not brand-new, office space with state-of-the-art facilities. On-site gyms, open floor plans, optimized work environments present rare opportunities to dramatically improve employee productivity, workplace wellness, and overall morale.

Yet, moving offices also presents a whole host of logistical challenges such as what to keep, what to discard, how best to re-organize personnel/departments, and, most importantly, how to keep the company productive and operating through the transition. A recommendation for any company moving into a new office, whether it’s in Camden or any city, is to focus on moving people, not paper.

Move People, Not Paper

Before you start boxing up those files and identifying floor space in your new facility for all of your paper filing cabinets, think about how your company can reduce the overall need for filing cabinets in your next office. We all know the inefficiencies, challenges, and risks of storing paper files. In addition to these well-known disadvantages of storing paper, who would want to move in to a brand new office facility and be confronted with cabinets, boxes, and stacks of filing folders?!? Besides the aesthetic impacts of paper on your new space, you also have to deal with being able to locate critical documents in this environment?

Has anyone seen where the movers put my box of (insert important paper document type)?!?!?

Three Ways to Reduce Your Paper Footprint in Your New OfficeEmpty Office w/Box

1. Convert your paper into digital format.

One way to focus on moving people, not paper is convert all of your existing paper into digital format. MTS Software Solutions provides back-file scanning services that enable companies to make all the paper that they are currently storing and making it searchable and easily accessible.

2. Consider day-forward scanning or business process outsourcing (BPO).

If your organization routinely produces large amounts of paper, you might want to consider outsourcing those paper-intensive processes. We offer the ability to automate your mailroom, your invoice processing, loan processing, and more. You can have your documents shipped to us or we can pick them up and make them available digitally within 24 hours or some other service-level agreement that meets your business needs.

3. Invest in ECM technology.

Another way to consider reducing your overall use of paper is to implement technology, such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM). ECM allows companies to manage documents and all types of business content electronically. This includes HR personnel records, contracts, architectural/engineering drawings, invoices, remittances, etc. Beyond serving as a basic document management system, ECM technology also offers automated workflows, notations and collaboration, and integration to line-of-business systems, such as ERP and CRM systems.

MTS Software Solutions offers business process consulting services and a number of ECM products to meet the requirements of businesses of all types and sizes.

Contact us to learn more about how to reduce paper and lighten your load for your next office move.

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