Forrester Research, Inc. names OnBase by Hyland a “Strong Performer” in dynamic case management

Forrester Research, Inc. names OnBase by Hyland a “Strong Performer” in dynamic case management

OnBase by Hyland was evaluated as one of 14 of the most significant providers of dynamic case management software and was named a “Strong Performer”. Strong Performers offer competitive dynamic case management (DCM) solutions. The purpose of the report is to help enterprise architecture professionals to select the best providers that meet their unique needs.

This particular report is especially important today as the nature of work is shifting from being production- and task-driven to being more knowledge- and context-driven. Having the right tools to quickly and efficiently capture, manage, and access this information is critical to a company’s ability to compete and succeed.

Among the evaluation criteria were the following vendor selection criteria:

  • Specific case management capabilities
    • Vendors’ solutions use a business process management (BPM) platform and include significant proprietary capabilities in key areas of technology for dynamic case management (e.g. enterprise content management, social technologies, and analytics). Each case management solution framework is distinguishable from the underlying BPM platform itself.
  • Innovation were it matters
    • Vendors demonstrate an innovative approach to case management. Top areas of interest for 2016 include information-led design, predictive analytics, and enterprise collaboration.
  • Broad use case relevance
    • Vendors have a horizontal case management platform defined by its applicability to use cases across the three main case management categories: investigative, incident management, and service requests.
  • Cross-industry relevance
    • The vendor markets its products across multiple industries rather than being a solution specialist. In some instances, Forrester includes vendors that began as solution specialists and show progress toward multiple industries and use cases
  • Client interest
    • Forresters’ clients often discuss these vendors in inquiry calls. The vendors are commonly on clients’ shortlists, final selection validations, and partnership referrals.

Research tools like The Forrester Wave and the Gartner Magic Quadrant are excellent places to begin your research and learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each provider’s offering.

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Once you’ve read the industry reports and begun to determine what your own business requirements will be, the next step is to reach out to a credible partner to help vet your options, refine your requirements, and demonstrate the software. As an OnBase Gold & Diamond Support Partner, MTS Software Solutions offers the consulting and implementation expertise to help you make the right decision.

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