Business Intelligence from a Fantasy Football Rookie’s Experience

I don’t LOVE football. I LIKE football.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching a good game. I appreciate the athleticism of the players, the strategy of the coaches, the rivalries, and the fanaticism. However, I’ve never had the capacity or interest in spending time knowing the names of individual players…let alone knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and how they performed last game. All of that is about to change…at least a little.

fantasy football

Fantasy Football Rookie

This year, members of the team here at MTS Software Solutions have decided to coordinate a Fantasy Football league. Chatter around the office now consists of how to score points, how and when the draft will take place, who the top picks should be, trades, free agents, and roster management. As a Fantasy Football rookie, all of this is making me feel a little intimidated, if not feeling like I’m throwing away the $20 entrance fee. I’m concerned that I may not prioritize the time required to properly manage my team.

Yet, I’ve been reassured by my colleagues that the platform provides reports, statistics, dashboards, and even automated emails to facilitate effective monitoring, management, and informed decision-making. When I heard that, my first thought was, “Oh, that’s cool!” My second thought was, “That sounds a lot like what our technology does for businesses!”

Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Data

Overwhelmed by Data

Avoid Data Overload!

There’s a lot data out there. It can be overwhelming to consider how to build and manage a winning Fantasy Football roster — player position, performance history, player style, the type of offense a player plays in, schedule, home or away, weather, injuries, bye weeks, team politics, etc. Thankfully, there are tools to maximize visibility and minimize risk.

The same applies to managing a business. The amount of data related to any business process – for example, Invoice Processing or Credit Application Onboarding – can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools to make sense of the data and provide the visibility and oversight on how to best manage it. Thankfully, MTS Software Solutions provides those tools.

OnBase Reporting Dashboards

Reporting Dashboards_iconThe Reporting Dashboards module is a native reporting tool from OnBase that allows users to point-and-click configure dashboards to analyze business data and system performance. Users can create and share dashboards – highlighting business data most important to them – without the need to engage IT resources. Interactive dashboards enable users to easily monitor performance and analyze trends in real time using graphical formats like charts, graphs, scorecards, maps and more.

Reporting Dashboards make complex data easier to understand, allow for proactive decision-making, and promote process improvement by presenting and interpreting the most personally relevant data to users, managers, and decision-makers. System administrators can monitor system health and license usage to optimize system performance, maximize ROI and minimize IT costs.

If you’d like to learn more about who the best picks are for your Fantasy Football draft, you probably want to ask someone else. If you’d like to learn more about how MTS leverages technology to help you better manage your documents, data, and business processes, let’s connect! Our Professional Services team can help you figure out how to decrease the time and effort spent trying to glean intelligence from your business data, so you can spend more time managing your Fantasy Football team!

In fact, I found that screenshots of the OnBase Reporting Dashboards are quite similar to the Yahoo Fantasy Football dashboard!

Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft

Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft

OnBase Reporting Dashboard

OnBase Reporting Dashboard






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